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3D Model for Flying in Space, Video, 2017

The video shows a character performing various movements when its body is connected to the Bungee rope. The green bodysuit that she wears functions as a green screen that gives it a generic appearance, representation of an unidentified human body, so the character becomes a person's digital creation (or representation). The picture that is created is perhaps futuristic but also essentially physical - the functional component of the work is elementary in the sense that it reflects the image being damaged, biodegradable, human, and natural. The game of the body that is possible under the cover of fantasy breaks beyond the natural. The digital body is the radicalization of the human body. The digital experience is the radicalization of the human condition. There is a kind of role-playing here like fantasy games like D & D or computer games, but the liquidity of the digital identity is returned to the ground with the body.

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